Walks on the Isle of Wight

“There are some fantastic rambling opportunities on the Island”

Not least Tapnell’s very own trail. The stunning countryside, coastline and undulating terrain make for brilliant walks. Below are a few of our favourites.

tapnell trail map

Tapnell Trail Isle of Wight

Tapnell Trail

The Tapnell Trail is a popular 6-mile circular walking route, that runs right through the middle of Tapnell Farm, with easy access from Tom’s Eco Lodge. The trail leads up onto the downs, for spectacular views over the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival site, and the south coast of the Island.

Download a map of the Tapnell Trail here


The Tapnell Trail

This trail has been developed by ramblers to suit walkers of all abilities so both kids and adults will be able to manage the meandering route with stunning views. Stretching 6.5 miles, the walk is circular and can be started at any point. There’s a great pub The Red Lion at point 1 by the church.

Also, take a diversion along the causeway toward Yarmouth at point 1 and there’s a great café ‘off the rails’ 1.5 miles away and Yarmouth 2 miles away.


Rambles by bus

There are new mapped walks that are being produced by the Ramblers in conjunction with Southern Vectis, you can download GPX tracklogs for each of these here: www.iowramblers.com/page46.htm


Walking routes

If you search for the links below, you will find a huge selection of walking routes for all abilities and maps to download:




Guided walks

If you’re looking for guided walks try out the Dinosaur Heritage Walk with a fossil hunt. There is even an app you can download that will explain all the sights and history of the landmarks you pass. The walk takes in Compton Bay and Yaverland. For more information visit: